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Are you searching for a quality linen tablecloth selection but arenít sure where to look? Well look no further. Our catalog of products will provide you a great selection of tablecloths, accessories, flatware and more - Shop our site today! Check here

I have several leaves for my table. How long should my tablecloth be? If the table is extended and shortened often, separate tablecloths should be purchased to fit each size. If this is not possible, we recommend several solutions. The first one is to buy a cloth that fits the size of table that is used most often, and purchasing affordable banquet cloths (see our Regency collection) for larger affairs. Another solution is to simply buy a cloth to fit the largest table, and use it at all times. A third possibility is to purchase a series of smaller square tablecloths, each of which can be draped diagonally over the table.

Finer linens are usually characterized by a combination of beautiful materials, expert construction, fine workmanship, and design. Most finer linens are made from linen or cotton because both are so durable and pleasant to the touch. A smaller number is also made of silk, which is preferred by many because it drapes so beautifully. In terms of construction, finer linens are smooth and soft. Depending on the weave, they may also be lustrous, but never shiny. One good way to determine quality in linen is to hold it up to a light: in finer linens, no coarse knots or uneven slubs should be visible, while in lesser-quality items, they are scattered throughout.

Gracious Style is a specialty catalog and online boutique of luxury table linens and tabletop accessories. Our goal is to help discerning clients to create the perfect settings for entertaining with grace and style. With that in mind, we have personally chosen each item we carry. As you will find, some of them are handcrafted by master artisans, while many others come directly from small, family-owned European manufacturers who still follow time-honored traditions of craftsmanship. Examine them closely, and you will find the exacting details and top-notch materials that set them apart. For generations, linens have been among a family''s most precious possessions.

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